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Long gone are the days when veganism was for weirdos with dreadlocks in Greenpeace t-shirts.
With celebrities like Ellie Goulding and even hard man Mike Tyson converting to the flesh-less existence, being a carnivore has never been more taboo. I mean, you HAVE seen that video PETA shared on Facebook? Who knew pigs were so intelligent?!

I love animals as much as the next person, but I also really REALLY love eating them. Tobacco Dock's 'Meatopia' is about as guilt free as meat eating gets - according to the festival's website, they promise only "ethically sourced meat" with the animals having been "raised naturally, lived the best of lives and are totally and utterly hormone, anti-biotic and cruelty free." Sold.

But enough of the conscientious stuff - let's talk about what was actually on offer.
With over 25 different vendors comprising some of the capital's best chefs from the restaurants like Foxlow, Heddon Street Kitchen and Sea Containers at the Mondrian Hotel, serving up snack-sized portions of sublime meaty goodness, the choice left nothing to be desired and certainly no room left in your stomach.

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Engulfed in the BBQ-smoked atmosphere and armed with the venue's 'meat bucks' currency - a token system to avoid the faff of change at food stations (1 meat buck = 1 portion) - we began the mission to sample the best on offer with our eight tokens, here's what we ate:

Chargrilled Hardwick lamb, smoked cream potato and loveage

James Walters Anatolian-style lamb roll

Unfortunately the short rib sandwich looked so good it wasn't around long enough to photograph...

As well as incredible food being cooked before your eyes, a selection of ales, wines, spirits and Jack Daniels cocktails were available to wash it all down with and lubricate your joints for a little boogie to some awesome live music acts. 

My personal favourites was horn ensemble Brasstermind, who got a hefty crowd going with super slick covers.

In short

Go if: You like your meat ethically sourced, enjoy a drink and are up for soaking up some live music at the same time.

Give it a miss if: You're vegetarian... oh and if you're easily frustrated by unnecessary queuing. None at the stations, but a somewhat underdeveloped money to meat buck system could prove a bit annoying.

Tip: Some people will sell their meat bucks to you as you can't change them back for money - try and strike a deal.

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