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What do we want? Cocktails!

When do we want them? Now!!

Well 'now' may be asking a bit much of the bar/waiting staff at Bar Salsa, as service is best compared to a moody teenager/alert sloth. HOWEVER - are you happy to wait a while if it means two cocktails and a meal in Central for 15 quid? Errr yes.

Situated conveniently in between Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road stations - ideal for post-work midweek meet ups - South American themed Salsa is a lively bar/restaurant-come-nightclub that actively encourages its punters to take part in a bit of salsa dancing.

Don't be scared off though if shaking your hips isn't your thing - leave the professionals to it and take advantage of some 'I'm broke before payday'-friendly drinks deals.

50% off all drinks between 5-8pm EVERY day, 2-4-1 mojito Mondays and 2-4-1 signature cocktails on Wednesday mean you can literally get drunk off a tenner. For the first time since I was a student I had to buy two cocktails at once because one wasn't enough for the £5 minimum card spend. You're not going to get a London Cocktail Week quality beverage, but no beer fear when checking your balance the next morning is a total winner!

Peckish? Food won't break the bank either - not healthy by any means but the chorizo and cheese quesadilla is a not so guilty pleasure at £9.95 (psst! 50% off when used with a taste card!)

Go if: you've got too much month left at the end of the money and still want a night out before payday

Give it a miss if: you're looking for a quiet one and get impatient with slow service

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