12 Days of Christmas - The Benefit of Brows-ing

I am unbelievably late to the brow-grooming band wagon. It came as a surprise to me embarrassingly recently that everyone has been pencilling theirs in for years while I've left my sparse brows pretty much to their own devices. I do now make a bit of an effort with them in my every day make up routine, but pluck them probably far less than I should do! 

So yesterday, after months of admiring other gals' perfectly neat and fierce brows, my pal Hannah and I booked into the Benefit brow bar at Boots Oxford Street to see if we could join the party and discover the true meaning of 'brows on fleek'. 

I've never had my eyebrows touched in all my 22 years (the shame) and the scarily common Sharpie-permanent-marker-look has scared me off previously in case I'm stuck with a couple of caterpillars on my face for four weeks. Benefit is one of my favourite make up brands though and I have bought their amazing 'Brow-Zings' kit before, so I thought if I can trust anyone to 'fleek' me up it's them!

I am so happy with the result! Benefit's lovely make-up artist and brow queen Kelly waxed, tinted and plucked my messy blighters into neat little arches that look super natural. In fact, I love that they still look like my brows, just better!

A wax, tint and shape costs £19.50 and lasts up to four weeks - I'd totally recommend it and have already booked my next appointment in January. Bye bye boring brows!

Brows before - no make up scary face

Brows before - strays and all!

Brows after!
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