12 Days of Christmas - Your Definitive Festive Playlist

You know it's that time of year when mum whacks out her ancient 'Now That's What I Call Christmas 25' and Michael Buble Christmas album. Weirdly though, it's like you need one of these vintage copies to avoid the horrific cover versions of your fave festive songs on Now 12,354 (when will they end?!).

Fear not friends - my gift to you for today's '12 Days of Christmas' is a playlist of handpicked tunes (none of the random ones you've never heard of) and there absolutely NO dodgy covers, bloody el'f! ;-)

Subscribe away and do your level best to hit *that* Mariah high note like the sass queen you are.

(DISCLAIMER - almost every other song may be Michael Buble #sorrynotsorry)


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