20 Signs You're Still a Half-Adult

I had a moment of realisation the other day - after realising I've been in a full-time job and lived in London for 6 months without starving to death and found myself making home made pizza dough from scratch on a Friday night, that maybe I've got my shit together a little bit.
Of course half an hour later I'm like 'lol I can't do adulting' after cleaning said pizza dough off my boyfriend's kitchen counter and realising that using a metal scourer to scrub wood is not the smartest idea unless you want a shabby chic scratched up effect... doh.

I've concluded that this awkward post-university phase are your 'half-adult' years. When someone actually trusts you with a job earning in excess of twenty whole thousand pounds a year but you still don't really understand how a mortgage works - ya get me?

Here are a few signs that you might be a half-adult like me...

1. Your mum pays your phone bill

2. You cut pizza up with scissors

3. You don't really get how contents insurance works

4. You still get your mum to call for you about stuff you don't understand

5. You ALWAYS run out of money a week before payday and live off your last £10 

6. And your Boots advantage card has bailed you out in that week on more than one occasion.

7. When describing your weekend to your work colleagues, you're forced to say you had a 'quiet one', to avoid the bit about getting shit faced at Infernos and spending most of Sunday in bed watching Come Dine With Me reruns

8. You don't own a garlic crusher

9. You think £10 for a cocktail seems quite reasonable but £8 a month for insurance is unnecessary

10. You still try to swag the discount in Topshop with your expired student card

11. You think BYO restaurants are the best thing since sliced bread

12. Your judgement of a bar is the length of their happy hour

13. You steal toilet roll from work when you've run out of money

14. You have no idea what an Ottoman is

15. You're a bit baffled by thread counts and how expensive bed linen is

16. You never get anything before checking if there's a Groupon deal first

17. You still regularly tell stories about uni or travelling

18. You're old enough to remember when Adidas Superstars were first in fashion and are definitely rocking a pair now they're back in, despite the fact you probably said 'lol remember those shell top trainers we used to wear circa 2k02?' about 6 months ago.

You werk those Superstars Shaznay

19. Your signature dish is either spaghetti bolognese or bangers and mash

20. You stand by the fact Peach Lambrini is delicious and totally underrated

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  1. 21. 'you base your evening meal around what you find in the Sainsburys reduced section'.

    All of these are spot on.

    1. Haha preach it! It pays to be frugal ;-) glad you can sympathise!

  2. I'm a mum and I cut pizza with scissors - it's just too fiddly any other way!

    1. Thanks Roisin, that makes me feel a hell of a lot better about it!


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