5 Staple Garms That'll See You Through till Spring

Photo from byfunda.freshnet.com

Ugh, January. It's cold, dark and I'm poor, HOWEVER there are sales on and I should probably spend  the remainder of my December paycheque (hiya overdraft!) on a few items of clothing now while they're relatively cheap.

Except, I forget every year that sales shopping is actually deeply unpleasant because millions of clothes arranged in jumble sale fashion is more overwhelming than people give it credit for, and because well... people. First world problems. Cue buying an offensively sparkly top that's now totes off-season and a pair of jeans that were £30 reduced from £100 but are two sizes too big.

So what the dickens can you spend your pennies on that will look semi-stylish, weather appropriate and see you through until the mornings start getting lighter again? Buy these five staple garms, wear with EVERYTHING and never have an 'I've got nothing to wear' day again (until spring). You're welcome, hun.

Adidas Stan Smith Trainers

Maxi length coat

Boyfriend jeans

Slouchy jumper

Tapered 'smart' trousers

All photos taken from Pinterest.

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