The Realities of Moving in With Your Boyfriend

Due to a small disaster with my rented house in the form of no electricity and lovely waterfall through a light socket into the hallway (not as serene as it sounds), I have found myself temporarily living at my boyfriend's flat in Balham. 

I have always been of the opinion that moving in with a SO should be a joint decision and not because it's convenient and/or cheaper to do so. I guess I'm an old romantic at heart! Alas, things don't always turn out the way you think but actually, living with Matt ain't so bad (slash, we're having a bloody great time and he is the best person ever for letting me stay and giving me a whole chest of drawers).

However, the swirl of domestic bliss has also given way to a few realisations - not only about living with a boyfriend, but also about myself. I'm surprised about how much I care about interior decor and the way I like my clothes folded - I'm basically a twat but a twat my mother would be proud of. Here are some of the realities I've discovered about about co-habiting with a chap - have you experienced any of these?! Let me know in the comments.

Wanting to redecorate
Unless your guy's Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, it's probably fair to say he hasn't spent hours scouring Pinterest for bedroom inspo, so moving into his 'man cave' and attempting to introduce girly touches can be a sensitive area. My heart longs for fairy lights and floral bedsheets but I'm currently faced with a space-hogging drum kit that's never been played and lyrics by Avicii printed on the wall above the bed (seriously...).

Becoming a nag
As someone who vowed to never be one of *those* girlfriends that harps on about the way they like their shoes arranged etc, I have found myself on several occasions nagging and immediately hating myself for it. But, how else are you meant to tell a guy that hanging out your wet washing on the drier all bunched up is not ok? Good lord, think of the creases!!! 

'Me' time is important, especially when it's THAT time of the month
It's healthy as a couple to spend a bit of time either on your own or with friends, especially around the time of the month when hormones are not your friend and turn you into crazy psycho lady on the warpath. For both your sake, tuck yourself away with Netflix, granny pants and unlimited chocolate and advise him to retreat to a safe spot.

Being a sexy goddess at all times goes out of the window
Back in the early stages of our relationship I'd sneak out of bed in the morning before he woke up to put make up on so he'd think I am a majestical creature who wakes up looking totes cute. Lol the poor chap now wakes up to someone who looks more like this:

Morning hun!
And as much as I'd love to sleep in a silky Rosie Huntington-Whitely number every night, my evenings are mostly spent in some preeetty sexy fleece cow print PJ bottoms from Primarni. So fugly but so cosy and also conveniently cover my legs when I've not shaved them...

Haters gunna hate...

Becoming an experimental culinary queen
Despite the fact you both probably ate it on a shamefully regular basis before living together, suddenly it's not OK to propose tinned spaghetti with mini sausages on toast for dinner anymore. As a result I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time on BBC Goodfood and money on a variety of niche ingredients (harissa paste lol wut) to create something that is usually quite average in taste. That said, they do say practice makes perfect so there could be a Nigella in me yet...

He'll fart way more
Like when I used to put make up on in the morning, there was once a time he'd burp and profusely apologise. I guess I had it pretty lucky for a long time, because now he'll fart and look at me like he's just received an OBE. I find it's best to laugh instead of be disgusted, because let's face it, farts are really funny.

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  1. Drying up is just unnecessary... it's a chore for air not humans

    1. Haha I sort of agree with you there when it comes to dishes, but my reference was to clothes ;-)

  2. Haha great post. I've never experienced moving 'in' to another man's house only setting up house together which kinda solves the decor delemia as it's neutral territory. But yeah, looking great all the time quickly goes out the window and you discover each others nasty habits pretty quick. I actually found moving in with my bf to be way easier than trying to juggle the whole friends/bf time management.


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