Paleo to Protein - 5 Pancake Recipes for Everyone

I can't believe pancake day (or Shrove Tuesday, if you're feeling tradish) has come around already. January 1st feels about 5 minutes ago and somehow it's already time to stuff your face with fluffy, crepe-y goodness before giving up a vice for 40 days until stuffing your face again with choccie eggs on Easter Sunday. I'm beginning to think life is just a constant stream of occasions to stuff one's face that you're supposed to be sort of healthy in between...

I'm the kind of gal that likes to eat pancakes all year round though, because let's face it, they're well Instagram-able and make you feel a bit posh. This also means I'm in the best position to recommend ALL the pancake recipes because this little piggy has tried and tested them. Whether you're vegan, a gym bunny or a fan of the classic crepe or fluffy American, there is a pancake recipe here for you!

Vegan Pancakes -

Missing out on milk and butter? Have no fear - this vegan pancake recipe only uses three ingredients - flour, almond milk and coconut milk. Recipe here

Paleo Pancakes -

For the eating clean/dairy free ones out there - this recipe uses bananas, eggs, almond butter and cinnamon.

French crepe-style pancakes - Delia Smith

You can't go wrong with the old classic basic pancake - perfect with pretty much anything sweet or savoury. 

American fluffy pancakes -

There's something a bit special about making thick fluffy pancakes - ever since I watched Matilda as a kid I've wanted to master them and thankfully they're not that hard! Perfect piled with fruit or with syrup soaked bacon.

Gym bunny protein pancakes - The Body Coach

Substituting flour for protein and blended oats make these bad boys a tasty and guilt-free post-workout snack! Recipe here

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