Meeting Ned the Pug and Eating My Weight in Cheese

Apologies for today's incredibly lazy blog post, but I figured everyone likes pictures of cute dogs and nice food right? Perhaps you'd actually rather read posts like this all the time instead of seeing my resting bitch face by the South Bank? Well today is your lucky day! 

(Will be resuming RBF later this week, if anyone's interested.)

Anyway, I went back to my home home this weekend (aka my parents' house) to see my Mum, Dad and Brother and to meet the totally ADORABLE little pug they've just adopted. His name is Ned and he was abandoned by his previous owners at a Vet Surgery in Cyprus :-( we're not totally sure why, I mean, look at his little face!

My Mum runs the UK Boston Terrier Rescue in her spare time and always does her best to help out dogs in need in other rescues, which is how she came across little Neddy through Pets2Adopt Cyprus. Pets2Adopt rehomes abandoned, sometimes mistreated dogs and gives them happy new homes - you can find their Facebook page here. Rescue dogs make wonderful pets and Ned, as you can see, has really settled into his new pad!

Aside from spamming my snapchat story with pug videos, Mum and I debuted the new Raclette set and had a total feast of cheese, cheese, meat and er... more cheese. Oh and Prosecco - I'm fairly sure this is what heaven looks like.

If you've never had a raclette before, I'd really recommend one for a dinner party. It's basically a hot plate that you can chuck things on and melt cheese with, which makes it a really easy, sociable meal. We had real raclette cheese brought back from France from a family friend, goats cheese, new potatoes, steak strips, mushrooms, ham and a bit of salad on the side. The only thing missing for me was bread but apparently this isn't traditional. Or perhaps this was mum's way of telling me to lay off the carbs...

Enough food, here's some more pictures of dogs! You're welcome.

When you've had too much Prosecco and you can't even 
Sunday brunch - avo and mozzarella on toast
Sorry again for the boring post, but hope you enjoyed the pooches a wee bit! x

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