Brickwood Easter Brunch

It scares me how much of a basic beeatch I've become lately - brunching on Easter Sunday and obviously I chose smashed avocado on toast with a dairy free smoothie... who am I? 

Matt and I went to Brickwood Coffee and Bread in Balham this morning because cba to cook and we'd been for a run, so felt sort of maybe like we'd earned it. Only 5k though so realistically we'd earned a bowl of salad and not avo on sourdough with poached eggs and chorizo. But sweet mother of God it was good.

Matt was good and had fruit, granola and muesli to which I was like r u feeling ok babe there is egg and bacon on the menu but I'm proud of him for resisting. And also feeling like the fat one in the relationship but hey, it's Easter Sunday, where the chocolate eggs at?

Hope you have a fabulously indulgent day and remember, if you don't have a chocolate egg today, they'll be half price in Sainsbury's tomorrow so everyone's a winner x

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