Gastrovino Birthday Lunch

On 17 March I turned 23, so naturally I dragged this out with a week's worth of celebrations. By the time the actual day came around I was almost over it... almost ;-) but hey, if you can't be a princess around your birthday then when can you be? 

I have a number of activities to blog about, which makes me the happiest of bunnies, but I'll start with my fourth and final excuse for overindulgence from this week. On Saturday my Mum came to London from Basingstoke (a.k.a. Amazingstoke obvs) for lunch, so Matt suggested we head to Chelsea's newest Italian ristorante, Gastrovino.

Situated a short walk down Chelsea's famous King's Road from Sloane Square tube, Gastrovino serves up a menu of tapas-style small dishes and platter boards which are perfect for sharing on a date or sociable lunches/dinners with pals. 

Gastrovino only opened last December, but with its attentive yet unintrusive service and totally delicious grub, it already feels like an established joint that's been here for years.

We were sat by the window, which any blogger will understand made me do a little fist pump because natural light = bae, and began with a glass of Prosecco cos we're bloody basic, sue us. 

We agreed on a 'From the Farm' platter to share, which included an array of cured meats, cheese, bruschetta, olives, veggies and some totally delicious cheesy-pastry-things, which I'm sure there is a name for! 

Our lovely waiter also advised us that another small dish each would be plenty, so we ordered some calamari (which also included prawns and deep fried zucchini), more bruschetta (because you can never have too much of it), and the deep fried mozzarella balls. Yeah alright, diet started today, leave it out.

Matt's best Italian don impression

Not content with already exceeding our daily calorie intake (probably), we thought we may as well be polite and sample the dessert menu which similarly, did not disappoint.

We chose the Drunken Pear (sort of sounds like me when I've had a few, lol), which was a delicious liqueur-soaked poached pear with a side of ricotta and crumbled biscuit. Paired with biscotti, cappuccinos and a bitter hot chocolate for me, I wondered if this is what heaven feels like.

The meal for three of us including two glasses of wine each, dessert and service came to around £90 which is excellent value for money. Get yourself down there if you're looking for something that feels a bit fancy but won't break the bank!

P.S. It was lovely to see you Mum :-) x

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