I like your sleeves - they're real big.

So I'm hoping you'll get the reference to the film Napoleon Dynamite in the title of this post... if you don't, then go watch it. The dance scene at the end is one of the most iconic movie moments of all time in my opinion, trust. My movie-blogging boyfriend will probably think this is sacrilege or something but whatevs. (Check his blog out here)

Anyway, I'll get to the point. I had a mooch in Zara after work the other day, as one does, and oh maaan they killin it with them spring/summer garms. It was one of those times that I literally could have bought everything, but it's the week before payday and I'm down to my last £50. So naturally I chose to eat pot noodles until Monday and buy this bell-sleeved top, duh. 

I've teamed it with my new ASOS farleigh mom jeans and Nike Cortez sneaks. I snipped the ends off the jeans at home to give them the raw hem (look at me, trying to sound all edgy and creative).

Hard as I try I can't really stop buying new trainers, and I've had my eye on some Cortez for a while, despite Mr S telling me I might look like Forrest Gump in them. These are from the Basic Premium pack, which suits me because I'm basic and sometimes premium. 

My trusty sunnies are by Quay Australia, who regrammed a pic of me in them and it got about 9,000 likes. This made me lol because I'm basically doing fist pumps if I get 11 likes for a selfie on my own Instagram. 

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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