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Tuesdays, let's face it, are normally pretty dull. Sure, you've got through Monday on the struggle of a two day hangover, but there's still soooo many days until the weekend. Usually on a Tuesday I'll go to a boxercise class, then head home to catch up on MiC with a courgetti stir fry. Hashtag the London life.

Yesterday however, was one of those Tuesdays which makes you feel like weekday evenings are pretty friggin fantastic. My three housemates and I (thanks to one of our very cute boyfriends buying us passes) were treated to a little trip on the Emirates Airline cable cars.

We probably couldn't have picked a better day/time to do it, just saying. The weather had been blue skies and sunny all day (London mate, you're smashing it, keep it up), and we hopped on our car in that glorious hour before sundown where the light is all beaut and stuff - cue more photos being taken in 15 minutes than the entire 18th Century. 

Apologies for the slightly crappy pic of the O2 but the glass was all mucky, how inconsiderate. But I'm pretty sure you can still vibe the delightful sights with the sun setting over them. You know you're getting old when you start enjoying views...

Loaded with some three for £5 gin tins (not 100% sure if these are allowed but tbh if you can't drink gin on a cable car then there's something wrong), we had SUCH a great time! 

Luckily the evening didn't end there and we enjoyed a little boat ride down the Thames on one of the Clippers which took us all the way down to Embankment tube station. I wish I could commute like this every day because it seriously beats a sweaty armpit in your face on the Northern Line. 

If you're looking for some cheap and cheerful fun with some babin' photo opps, I'd totally recommend this for a weekday evening! Get a return trip from North Greenwich tube to get the full experience, we didn't want it to end!

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