8 Signs You're Having a Quarter Life Crisis

If you're in your early to late twenties, chances are you've either had or are about to experience a bit of what millennials have labelled a 'quarter-life crisis'. Unlike the more widely recognised mid-life variety, you're too poor to buy something extravagant to console feelings of 'omfg what am I doing with my life', like your dad would. You know, like a vintage car or a nostalgic leather jacket.

Thanks to today's economic climate and social norms, us millennials are doing everything way later than our parents' generation did. So, where your mum aged 25 was probably married, maybe had a sprog and generally had her shit together, instead you're left confused af about what you're doing with your life and not even able to buy some Celine shoes to make yourself feel better about it all. Why is life so cruel?!

At age 23, I've googled my symptoms and pretty much confirmed that, perhaps slightly prematurely, I am experiencing a textbook case of quarter life crisis. One consolation is that I'm not alone, and if you're feeling some or all of the below, then you're not alone too: 

- You regularly worry that you have left it too late to get your dream job

- You envy those people who know exactly what they want to do with their lives

- The question 'Where do you see yourself in five years time?' makes your mind go blank like nothing else

- You are totally baffled by people your own age who own houses etc and wonder how they've managed to get their shit together so much better than you

- You know you want to do a different job, but are confused about what job that is

- Once a week you daydream about jacking everything in and going travelling

- The world (mortgages, having responsibilities etc) feels totally and utterly terrifying and makes you want to curl up in a ball until you're adult enough to do life.

- You have googled the phrase 'jobs that pay you to drink and/or shop'

To name but a few. Yeah, loads of life affirming questions flying around those brains of ours, it's no wonder we're stressed out about it.
From what I've eschewed from the sensible group of 'grown ups' I know though, is that everyone feels like this at some point in life, whether you're a millennial or not, and that it's totally OK to feel like it.

But what to do about it? Well, the best advice I've been given is to chill, which I appreciate is difficult if you're a neurotic worry wart like me. Trust however, that everything will work itself out in the end with a bit of hard work and self-belief. Sounds a bit hippy but I reckon if everyone else in the world has survived their twenties, then we can too. And if all else fails, have an Aperol Spritz, because life is about 70% better when you have one. Fact. 

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  1. Really? You're having a quarter life crisis now? Isn't that a little premature at 23?

    Well, I suppose that's healthy. It means you've got the rest of your twenties to work it out. I left it way too late before I started panicking and thinking about grown up stuff.


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