Jumping on the Vlogging Bandwagon

Hey loves! I tried something a little different this week that I thought I would share on here... I present to you my first ever 60 second vlog!

I have wanted to give vlogging a go for a while but have been a bit nervous about it; partly because I didn't want to make something boring and mostly because it was out of my comfort zone. Part of the reason I love blogging (and writing in general) is because it gives me the the time and platform to think about and edit what I want to say, which therefore makes me come across much cooler than I actually am! Vlogging, although edited, takes away that platform. So here I am, in full nerd for all to see!

I'm a firm believer though, that life is too short for 'what ifs' and if you want to try something you should just do it. If it fails, what's the worst that could happen? With the encouragement and help of my lovely boyfriend, we put together this little 60 second teaser of what we got up to on the bank holiday weekend. It's pretty hard to condense a weekend into 1 minute of footage, but we wanted it to be entirely viewable on Instagram.

I'm going to try and get one, perhaps two of these out per week on my Instagram (@pbandthejourney if you're not following me already) and on my YouTube channel - feel free to hit the subscribe button and let me know in the comments if you like what you see/have any pointers for a YouTube newbie!

Lots of love x

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