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It's been a long, long winter of sad pop-up-less existence. The all-year-round fixtures just ain't the same with icy rain splattering on your back as your teeth chatter into your gin and tonic. Hurrah for summer, I've missed you old pal.

As one does when the weather picks up, I hit up South London's newest summer slice, Brixton Beach Boulevard. You might remember South Pole Saloon from around Christmas time (I wrote a blog post about it here) - the same organisers have revamped the site into a sandy haven straight out of the 80s, complete with deck chairs, great tunes, drinks and, naturally, a selection of street food vendors to tickle your fancy.

I sampled a bit of everything but settled on a Cubano from Miami Bass, which although was a glorified toasted sandwich for £8, it was a bloody delicious toasted sandwich. Next time, I will be heading to Lucky Pierre, which serves up thin cut chips with a selection of toppings including BAKED CAMEMBERT - insert heart eyes emoji. Those are the kind of cheesy chips I can get on board with.

Entry is £5 on the door and as with any pop up, you're not in for a cheap night, so bring a wad of cash if you want to get the full experience (single gin and tonic was £5, FYI). It's definitely in my top five pop ups I've been to, rivalling its more established competitors Dinerama and Summer Tales. An awesome place to have a dance and a drink on a gorgeous evening like yesterday, just be prepared to empty sand from your shoes at the end of the night!

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