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Jeez, time seems to be whizzing by lately and I just realised I haven't posted in nearly two weeks! Slap me on the wrist why dontcha. It's down to a mix of things really: I've been quite busy with various things both work and fun, so I suppose I've neglected writing a bit. 

It's also been an expensive month thanks to my phone taking an unexpected plop in the toilet (Apple, please stop manufacturing phones with a stylus and just make them waterproof already), so I've not been able to buy pretty outfits to share on here, which are my favourite posts to write!

Anyway yadda yadda, I'll stop making excuses. I figured if I can't actually buy stuff, I can at least share my wish list! Here's a few summer style items I'll be getting my grubby mitts on on payday!

Pleated trousers - £34, Topshop
My love affair with these toppers pleated trews continues - I have a black and white striped pair (in the pic above) and they are stupidly comfy. These polka dot ones are gorgeous, in fact this whole outfit is bae. I need it all right now, including the model's hair.

Perf for layering over a white tee in the UK then wearing it solo while on my holibobs. Looks like it's a lush lightweight cotton material too so perfect on hot days.

Birkenstocks - £54.50, ASOS
There was a time I thought these were the most far from cool shoes known to man, but sue me, I'm a fashion victim and now steal my mum's pair whenever I get the opportunity. And let's face it, if your mum wears them then they're going to be super comfy too. Hashtag style and comfort babes.

Bikini - £28, Missguided
As a small-boobed, pear-shaped gal, I'm always on the look out for bikini tops with a bit of 'volume' to balance things out. This one looks like just the ticket, and no straps = no dodgy tan lines - hurrah!

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