Rhodes and the Pros and Cons of All-Inclusive

I've fallen well and truly into the swing of post-holiday blues after an amazing week on the Greek island of Rhodes. I've been to Greece on many a family holiday growing up so knew we were guaranteed sunshine, friendly people and good food, but had never been to Rhodes and, more importantly, never done an all-inclusive holiday... 

All-inclusives have a bit of a dodgy rep - you might end up somewhere totally tacky, with crap food and all the good stuff not actually included on your deal because you've not checked the small print. It's a fairly big decision to make and being ripped off is everyone's worst nightmare.

Matt and I decided to give it a go however, because unlimited gin. No I joke, it wasn't solely about the unlimited gin for Matt ;-)

We booked our deal with LoveHolidays.com, to stay in the 5 star rated Olympic Palace Hotel, around 15-20 minutes taxi ride away from Rhodes airport. To be honest with you, it wasn't really deserving of a five star, as some of the facilities were a little bit tired and there were a couple of issues with our room. 
Nevertheless, we had an amazing time - the room was spacious with a gorgeous sea view, came with very effective air conditioning (a must when the temperature doesn't really go below 25 degrees at night!) and the pool/beach areas were fab. We fully took advantage of the pool bar and its beer, spirits and cocktails which were included in our package. There were even daily activities like aqua zumba, and water polo to take part in, and Matt and I also made use of the tennis court a couple of times.
One of my favourite things about the hotel was the stunning rooftop bar, which has a very picturesque  view of the sun setting over the sea. As you can see from the first and last few photos in this post, it was almost impossible to put the camera down!

Days out
On one of the days we decided to get a change of scenery and head to another town on the Island called Lindos. We took the bus there which all in all took around 2 hours, but was completely worth it for the stunning sandy beach and typically greek white buildings up on the hill. This area felt a lot less resort-y and more like the 'real' Greece you see in the pinterest photos! 

As expected, the food included in our deal was a buffet style, all you can eat vibe that catered to most tastes, which included a lot of pizza, chips, meats, salad etc. This was fine a lot of the time but we did venture out as we didn't fancy eating stodgy food for the whole week. 
On the recommendation of the lovely Lindsey Holland of Ropes of Holland (check out her blog here if you haven't already!), we tried out a few of the lovely restaurants in the local area. Not so glamorously, I also tried my first gyros (basically a greek kebab) and I'm not ashamed to say it was one of the tastiest things I ate all week...

We had a wonderful week in the sun and probably gained about 10 stone in weight #dietstartsmonday. If you're thinking about booking an all-inclusive, there are some of the pros and cons, in my opinion:

 - Unlimited (local) drinks
- Not having to think about where you're going to eat every meal
- Not having to pay for your meals
- Not having to take much spending money (ideal for when the exchange rate is terrible as it is now, cheers Brexit)

- Food isn't always great/can be a little samey
- Branded spirits/beers aren't included
- Staying in your hotel every night can be boring if you don't venture out
- all you can eat buffets are terrible for your waist line!
- Queuing for meals/serving your own food with loads of people around

What are your experiences of all-inclusives? Anything I've missed out? Let me know in the comments!

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