The Perfect Practical Backpack

It's no secret that backpacks are big news. Every man, woman and their dog are ditching the shoulder bag in favour of this more comfortable alternative, and thanks to some pretty major brands picking up in popularity, backpacks are no longer just the bag of choice of school kids. 

I've been joined at the hip with my tiny Whistles back pack since I got it for my birthday in March, but lately space has been a bit of an issue. I've been after a functional backpack that will fit my increasing collection of camera gear, laptop and all the other necessities in one, while still looking stylish, so this smart number by British bag makers Bennett Winch is exactly what I've been looking for.

Bennett Winch creates high quality, classic accessories including weekenders, tote bags and back packs that are all hand made in England. Not only do they look great with waterproof canvas and premium leather trim, the inside of the bag is super practical too with a zip up, detachable waterproof compartment, meaning you can chuck in your clothes after a sweaty gym session and not stink out the rest of your bag... we've all been there and it ain't pretty. There's also a nifty pocket for your laptop, leaving buckets of room for all the rest of your shi... I mean, very necessary stuff ;-)

Check out Bennett Winch on Instagram at @bennettwinch 


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