All aboard the gin bus!

If you read this blog often, follow me on Instagram, Twitter etc, you'll know I complain about my public transport commuter woes so much that I don't just sound like a broken record, I sound like the vinyl has been totally trampled and smashed into a million pieces. 

So you can understand why I was pretty chuffed that instead of spending my Friday evening commute encased in someone's sweaty armpit on the Northern Line, I was invited to jump on a bus instead. Not just any kind of bus though my friend, a bloody GIN bus - somebody have a word with TFL and get this thing rolled out city-wide. 

Hendrick's gin's Ministry of Marginally Superior Transport has created the bus, H.E.R.B.E.R.T (Hendrick's Extraordinary Roving Bus for Exceptionally Refined Travel, obvs), to give Londoners an altogether more pleasant public transport experience. Forget the sound of tinny headphones and whiff of smelly sandwiches, for a whole hour you're treated to a Hendrick's gin and tonic, a cocktail and cucumber macaroons, alongside some hilarious immersive entertainment from the Bus's quirky conductors. All for the cheap-as-chips fee of £2.50 - yes, it's a quid more than your usual bus fare and it might not take you straight home... but where else in London can you get two great drinks for that kinda dollar? 

I had an amazing time and am pretty gutted it was only running in London for one week, but if you find yourself in Edinburgh next week, you can book your tickets for this rather extraordinary bus on the dates 8-14 August here. You won't get a peaceful commute here, but for once you won't be angry about it!

Remember to Tweet and Instagram your photos tagging in @HendricksGinUK and using the hashtag #HendricksMinistry

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