PB and the Travels: A weekend in Josselin

I'm feeling pretty peeved that the last bank holiday until Christmas has now been and gone. A bittersweet reminder that summer is on its way out and before you know it we'll be back in coats freezing our tits off and trying to spend as little time outside as possible. Boo :-( 

But hey, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. This bank holiday weekend I escaped the crowds of Notting Hill Carnival and SW4 (yet another sign I'm getting old) with my pals and headed to a little town in the North West of France called Josselin. My friend Em's family have a pretty lovely place there, so a group of eight of us skipped off for four days of drinking wine, eating a s**t load of bread and cheese and enjoying the last days of summer weather. 

I legit feel like I'm about two stone heavier since I got back on Monday evening, to the point where I'm having to unbutton my jeans when I sit down because muffin tops, lol. Good thing I'm going on holiday for a week this Friday and will be spending the week in a bikini... naaaat.

First things first though, can we talk about the #interiorsgoals going on in this house?! If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen the first picture of the princess bedroom with the ladder up to a tiny library. If that ain't Pinterest-worthy I don't know what is. Oh, and the freestanding bath in the pic below? If I didn't have to get nakey in front of seven other people to use it I probs would have spent half the weekend in it.

As I said, most of the weekend we got drunk and ate until our stomachs felt fit to burst, but we did get out and see the area as well #culturevultures. One of the days was spent at a nearby sandy lake (about a twenty minute drive) and another down by the canal in the town. I completely chickened out of jumping in the water but the others enjoyed a rather bracing dip! Obvs on both these occasions were accompanied by Rose wine and camembert to heighten the experience...

I love the charm of old French architecture and had a perfectly balanced weekend of chilling, laughing and exploring. I can't wait to head back to France this Friday, so if you wanna keep up with my activities (probably mostly eating cheese) follow me on Instagram or check back here next week ;-)

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