White Out

You know when you find that goldilocks thing that's both comfy af and looks good, then hang onto it like you're being paid to advertise it? Yeah, same. 

So much that your boyfriend comments on how often you wear it, yet in the same sentence says you don't look any different with make up on? Hun, I paid £30 for this Charlotte Tilbury foundation so plz can u not. 

Anyway, my point is that I've worn this Topshop jumpsuit to absolute death since I bought in the sale last week because 1. as mentioned it's bloody comfy and 2. I really enjoy telling people I got it for £20 reduced from £58. I'm not one for sales shopping really, so when I do hunt down a genuine barg you'll hear about it for the next five years. 

I've teamed it here with some Topshop mules (not a sponsored post I promise, although I wish it were :'( ) and my trusty leather jacket - I've also been layering it over a black t shirt to dress it down a bit.

Unfortunately this number is no longer available on Topshop's site but here are a few nifty alternatives:

Topshop - £49
ASOS - £29.99
New Look - £13
Missy Empire - £24

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