Summer to Autumn style transitions: Jeans and longlines

Oh hey September, you came around quick, you sneaky bugger! Britain goes a bit mental in September and cries 'Indian Summer!' at the slightest hint of warmth, but the sad truth is that days of dining alfresco and the sting of too much sun-worshipping will soon become tomato soup for dinner and blow dries ruined within five minutes of walking to the tube. 

I've seen all my fave fash bloggers chatting about which pieces to buy now for transitioning through in Summer to Autumn's awkward in-between phase. Admittedly, these photos were taken in 30-degree heat in France and frankly, I was bloody hot wearing these Topshop jeans but you gotta suffer sometimes for this blogging thing, eh.

I've been wearing this & Other Stories shirt dress pretty solidly through the recent heatwave and I'm not totally ready to pack it away for Autumn just yet (mainly because it was expensive and girl's gotta get her money's worth). I love the crisp, long line feel of pairing it with these step hem jeans and I'll be swapping the mules for a pair of Gucci-loafer-esque copies once the rain hits. 

What are you buying and wearing now in time for Autumn? I for one am secretly a bit excited about wearing chunky knits again and may or may not have already purchased one...


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