Summer to Autumn style transitions: The Gucci dupe 'It' loafers

Wassup chums? I'm back in sunny Blighty and rather enjoying this last little burst of hot weather (despite writing this from my bed, sweating my tits off with a rusty old fan that's so loud I can't sleep) If you read my last blog post, you'll remember I said I'd be teaming these Topshop jeans with a pair of Gucci-style loafers once the weather gets cooler. Well, here are said Gucci-style loafers - if nothing else, you can expect continuity here gals!

Loafers are EVERYWHERE right now. Yes, they sort of look like those dodgy shoes your mum wore in the early nineties and a regular feature in your local chazza shop, but they're comfy, versatile and undoubtedly one of the key transitional pieces you'll be wearing till the end of winter.

If, like me, you can't afford to buy shampoo at the end of the month (praise be to the Boots Advantage card), let alone buy the real deal Gucci beauties, these Topshop dupes are about as convincing as it gets. Fifty squidders for a pair of leather lovelies you can wear for work, play and will stand the test of the seasons is a bit of a bargain in my book! Now, must push past the blisters and break the buggers in...


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