Sexy, sassy sock boots + giving meaningful compliments

Guess who's finally got her hands on a pair of sock boots about 2 months late?? *insert hand raised emoji*. Now we're finally into full autumnal vibes, I thought it was about time I got on board with a frickin sassy pair of boots for the season and let me tell you, sassy is just how I feel in these Topshop bad boys. 
As someone who rarely (if ever) wears heels and lives in trainers, going for a heeled pair is a bit out of my comfort zone, despite the Topshop website describing them as a 'practical everyday heel' lol. However, I can totally see why so many total babe dot coms I've seen around London go for a little heel, because maaaan they give me this sassy little strut and make my legs look about three times longer/skinnier than in flats. I'll take them in every colour please k thanks. 

On the subject of colour, this gorgeous rust hue really grabbed my eye and is bang on trend for Autumn. So yeah, give a girl a fist bump for being adventurous and not buying black! They're super comfy and come up to just the right length on your ankle to team with cropped jeans. I'll probs be living in these for the next few months along with this absolute dreamboat of a jumper from Warehouse. Yeah that's right, Warehouse - not somewhere I usually shop but after spotting it on the 'gram and popping into their Argyll Street store I have to say they have massively stepped up their game. I'm still crushing on a pink puffer jacket! 


Changing the subject completely - I've been thinking about what I can add to my blog posts, as I'd like it to be somewhere that I talk about more than just fashion. So today I want to add in a little something I've been thinking about this week, which may be quite weird, but hear me out.

Body positivity and self-confidence are hot topics right now, because we (women particularly) are hugely critical and compare ourselves to others. For a lot of girls, we have something about our bodies we compare to others - for me that's my legs. I absolutely dream of having tiny little drainpipe pins and skinny thighs where instead I carry my weight and pack a little 'junk in the trunk'. I mentioned this in passing in my first YouTube video last week (not seeking for anyone to tell me otherwise, I promise!), and a friend messaged to tell me they enjoyed the video. They also mentioned that my comment about my thighs was 'hilarious' because 'there is nothing about me that is large'. This took me aback somewhat - I always expected everyone thought the same as me about my legs, and it surprised me that someone actually thought the opposite.

It occurred to me that we never give compliments to others about anything other than our hair, clothes or make up (i.e. the things we can easily change), because commenting on someone's body parts or personality can be interpreted as sexualised and/or a bit forward. 
However, perhaps if we did do this (in an appropriate situation, of course!) maybe we would all feel less insecure about our bodies/personalities? If we could all give one compliment to someone per day that isn't about what they are wearing or what they've done with their hair today, how different could we all feel about ourselves?

We say kind things to other people but never actually to the person it is about - the person who would probably most like to hear it! 'She has a really infectious smile', 'she has amazing long legs' - imagine if we changed 'she' to 'you' and how good it would make that person feel? I challenge you to try this once this week - let me know how it goes if you do!




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