Wear your heart on your sleeves

The bell sleeve has been a major player in the style stakes for some time now and long may it stay! I'm not ashamed to say I hit the 'email me when this product is available' button when I spotted this jumper on the Topshop website a couple of weeks ago, and got my hands on it as soon as it hit the stores. 
You know when you find something that you're just like 'yes, everything about this - the fit, colour, style etc - is so me'? This hun is definitely one of those rare unicorn things. It's just so flippin comfy and a flattering style too. I just wish Toppers would whack out the same style in a few colours so I can part with this while it goes in the wash (yeah I'm gross, and what?).

Hope you all have a wonderful week - stay tuned for a YouTube video, I'll be posting my first ever haul featuring some style bits I've purchased for Autumn. It was a weird experience filming/editing it, no hiding behind a keyboard means I've realised I say 'um', 'so' and 'basically' about 382,636 times a sentence *cringe*. I'll edit out most of them, so I hope you like it :-) keep your eyes peeled!



  1. I love this sweater!


  2. Such a stunning look. That jumper looks absolutely gorg on you!

    Love, Kerstin

  3. what size did you buy and what do you usually wear - I want a similar fit but not sure whether to size up! Thanks

    1. I just got it in a size 10 I think - I usually wear an 8-10 but wanted it to feel a bit more oversized :-)


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