Sick bruv (not in a good way)

The cosy thickness of this amazing H&M jumper is exactly the kind of blanket-y embrace I need after a very long week. On top of working late in preparation for the Karla Otto press day on Wednesday, I've also been fighting a horrible cold which has turned me into a snotty mess with no voice! I'm the kind of person that loves being busy so I've enjoyed the challenge, but I have to say I was pretty glad to be able to veg out this weekend to try and recuperate!

The press day itself was amazing - I met one of my absolute style icons (I won't mention who because I don't want to get into trouble for revealing too much!), which was incredible and I had to stop myself from grabbing her and telling her I think she's the coolest person ever - played it cool like a boss, obvs. 

Hopefully I'll start to feel better tomorrow and stop sounding like a hormonal teenage boy whose voice is breaking. I'll never take being able to breathe through my nose for granted ever again!!



  1. Oh no! I'm sorry you were feeling under the weather :( I'm glad the day was a hit! I loooove this look! The sweater looks so cozy and the shoes are so cute. I love the details on the hem of the pants :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  2. those jeaaaaaaans!

    hope you feel better soon lovely x


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