Why you shouldn't pigeon-hole yourself

I'm not going to lie, I'm slightly drunk right now. I've just been for a roast dinner at a pub in Streatham with Matt and some pals which started like 'shall we get a bottle of malbec?' and ended with 'SHOTS BABEEYYY'. Yeah, who said you can't have tequila on a Sunday? (Me when I wake up tomorrow with a splitting headache and a mouth as dry as gandhi's flip flop).

Prior to my irresponsible Sunday day drinking, I picked up a couple of Black Friday bargains. I know, I'm as sick as you of seeing that phrase, but I resisted actually going shopping in person, avoided the stress and got these pleather trousers online from Topshop before it was even 9am. I'm nothing else if not productive.

I'd been lusting after a pair of faux-leather trews for a while in a straight leg style and spotted these on Toppers down to £20, so obvs I had to have them. So far they've been a total joy to wear - comfort factor on point as they're super soft on the inside and fit my curvy bum and thighs/small waist shape like a glove. A sassy alternative to jeans you can dress up and down, that's money well spent in my book.

In other news, I've just finished my first week of work exp at one of my favourite publications, The Debrief. I've absolutely loved it and have had loads of opportunities to write news stories and make some fun Instagram stories - we tried dick liner the other day which was lols. It's also really inspiring to work in an office alongside creative, intelligent women that can hold a conversation about both the Kardashians as well as Brexit, feminism and start a campaign to make renting fair. Which they did, btw - the campaign resulted in the government banning the crappy letting fees that cripple so many people moving home. Who said millennials can't make a difference?

It's made me feel like it's totally OK to be someone who enjoys a bit of Made in Chelsea on a Monday night, has a habit of spending too much money on clothes, but also has an opinion on feminist issues, politics, and enjoys classical music (which was my university degree). I think as women we feel the two ends of the scale have to be mutually exclusive and 'pigeon-hole' ourselves into either the kind of girl that enjoys 'basic' or 'intellectual' stuff, when in actuality it's fine to enjoy a multitude of things. I've decided to be a bit more confident about the fact it's OK to enjoy a variety of hobbies and interests, and that watching Made in Chelsea doesn't make me any less intelligent (although it does make me angry - just dump JP already, Binky). Have a read of this article, which goes into more detail about what I've talked about and puts it rather more eloquently!



  1. Great post Polly, it's always a joy to read your blog, I love how you can throw a bit of humour into any topic xx

    1. aw thank you Rachel that's made my day :-) glad you enjoyed xx

  2. Yes yes yes to this! I don't understand why people would assume women can't enjoy more than one thing, for ex love superhero movies but also be passionate about feminism and fashion. Great post!
    Holly x
    The Twins' Wardrobe

    1. Thanks lovely! We have a tendency as women to put ourselves down but it's totally fine to like loads of things :-) x


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