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Hey! Welcome to Clothes My Boyfriend Hates (formerly PB and the Journey), a personal style blog created by Polly Bartlett (does referring to yourself in the third person make you a dick? Perhaps).

On CMBH I post about clothes which, you guessed it, my boyfriend has contrasting opinions on and I wear them anyway. I also document my life here and write about things that excite, worry, or amuse me, including feminism, positivity and adulting (something I struggle with at the best of times).

I have previously collaborated with brands including Next, Debenhams, Sabinna, and Mio Skincare and love to work on new projects, so feel free to get in touch with any potential opportunities at polly.bartlett@live.com

I hope you enjoy this corner of the internet, thanks for stopping by!

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Instagram: @pollyvbartlett
Twitter: @pollyvbartlett
Youtube: Polly Bartlett


How old are you? I am 23 years old

Who takes your photos? All outfit photos, unless otherwise specified, are taken by my boyfriend Matt. Any other lifestyle shots are taken by me.

What camera do you use? I use an Olympus Pen F with a 17mm 1.8 lens

How tall are you? I am about 5 foot 7 inches

What do you do for a 'day job'? I am an aspiring journalist and writer and am currently interning, hopefully someone will think I'm not totally rubbish and give me a job one day. I waitress in a bar in Clapham for my pocket money, which I think everyone should do at some point in their life because a) it provides you with so many skills for other jobs in life and b) if everyone worked in the service industry for a bit, no one would be a dick to waiters and waitresses and the world would be a better place. It's also a really good laff, which helps.


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